Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Not Going My Way

Ever have one of those weeks?

Mine started with a Monday visit to the dentist. I was so nervous beforehand (local anesthetics don’t work on me) and so rattled afterwards that Monday was a kissoff.

I spent Tuesday morning tidying my office and getting ready to tear back into my fourth Sebastian series. At about 11:30, I started thawing the fruit I would use for my lunchtime smoothie and sat down to open my book’s file and start writing. Zap. The power went out. I could have written by hand, but I needed to run off my notes for reference. No computer. No smoothie. No yoga tape. No anything for more than four hours, at which point the day was essentially gone.

Determined to make up for lost time, I sat down at my computer this morning promising myself a disciplined quick run through my morning time wasting ritual of email, blogs, and news. I click on my email and discover an inbox overflowing with undeliverable messages bouncing back from some #@$& diet pill called Anatrim that is sending out spam using my website domain name. All morning. I have spent all morning on the phone getting this stopped and cleaning up my inbox. ARGH! I have always hated spam, but now I really, really hate spam. These are the people we ought to be sending to Guantanamo Bay.



Blogger Steve Malley said...


I hereby promise not to complain even once about the gloomy, rainy autumn day out the window...

4:27 PM  

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