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by C.S. Harris, Writing as Candice Proctor...

By Candice Proctor
Beyond Sunrise
Can life ever be a real adventure without falling in love?

Ever since she can remember, India McKnight has craved adventure and dreamed of lands past the horizon. Following her calling, she becomes a travel writer, vowing never to risk her freedom by falling in love. But when she sails to the exotic and unknown regions of the South Pacific, a rugged man brave enough to be her guide just may be the one who can lay claim to her heart.

Having turned his back on the "civilized" world long ago, Australian Jack Ryder lives in seclusion, hiding from the pain and betrayal buried in his past. When a hardheaded Scotswoman arrives at his hut looking for a guide, he agrees to take her to the island of Takaku—despite the challange—just to prove her stubborn theories about native life wrong. But when their journey turns dangerous, their fates become forever entwined. Chased by cannibals and the British army, forced to rely on each other for their very survival, they soon discover that passion and even deeper peril await them...just beyond the sunrise.

"A sensuous Victorian-era adventure...Rich in evocative details, challenging conflicts and vibrant, multidimensional characters, this atmospheric intrigue is as sultry and seductive as its tropical setting. Like a brisk ocean breeze, this book will revive readers weary of the usual romance formulas."
   —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Candice Proctor knows the South Pacific—its lush beauty and its harshness, its colorful history and legends. An Indiana Jones meets The African Queen romantic adventure."
   —Romantic Times

By Candice Proctor
Midnight Confessions
The year is 1863, and in occupied New Orleans, a young French widow and confirmed pacifist devotes herself to the sick and injured of a grand city now under the heel of a harsh enemy. Then a bizarre death in one of the city's cemeteries puts Emmanuelle de Beauvais at the center of a murder investigation and under the watchful eye of Yankee provost marshal Zachary Cooper. As much as she despises the man's uniform and the war of which he is a part, Emmanuelle finds the man himself difficult to resist.

A career cavalry officer sidelined by a battle wound, Zach Cooper has never been so intrigued by a woman. Even as Emmanuelle veils every truth with layers of lies, Zach finds himself undeniably drawn to her. Torn between passion and duty, Zach must uncover the dark secrets behind a series of murders that threaten to ensnare Emmanuelle in a menacing web...

"Proctor is in top form here...A versatile author whose firsthand knowledge of the region and vivid descriptions infuse this story with a strong sense of place...A gripping plot, arresting characters, and a thoroughly researched setting combine to make this a remarkable read."
   —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"A superbly suspenseful historical romance...the reader feels weighted down by the heat, humidity, despair, corruption, superstition, [and] sense of foreboding...Even knowing the two lovers will commit to each other doesn't lessen the drama leading up to the exciting ending."

by Candice Proctor
Whispers of Heaven
After years of schooling in England, Jesmond Corbett returns to her family's estate along the coast of Tasmania. Betrothed since childhood to a wealthy neighbor, Jessie comes home determined to conform to the expectations of her family. But nothing in Jessie's life has prepared her for her first encounter with the dangerous man who now works in her family's stables.

Irishman Lucas Gallagher arrived in Australia in chains, a convict sentenced to a lifetime of labor for the English gentry. For four years he has lived a dead man's existence, using every spare moment to plan his escape—until he meets Jessie. And although their love has no future, he finds himself unable to deny the longings that threaten to destroy what may be his last chance to reach for freedom...

"Rich, unusual, and classic. Whispers of Heaven is like reading Woodiwiss again for the first time."
   —Jill Barnett

"A wonderful novel rich in emotion... One of the best historical romances I have ever read."
   —Jill Marie Landis

by Candice Proctor
Last Knight
A betrothed young noblewoman fiercely loyal to her family and king, Attica d'Alerion is forced to disguise herself as a courtier and ride bravely into danger to warn her brother Stephen of a political betrayal that could lead to war.

Damion de Jarnac is the black knight, a rogue horseman bound by no code of honor except his own ambition. Working for the aging King Henry II, Damion scouts the hills of Brittany on a dangerous mission to expose the treachery of Philip of France. There he joins forces with a courageous lad—who turns out to be the most intriguing woman he has ever met. But to win the beautiful Attica's love, Damion must slay the demons of an unforgivable past. And to save his doomed King, he must make a deadly decision that could break his lady's noble heart.

A haunting tale of passion and redemption as one man's quest for glory becomes an unexpected crusade to save his soul...

"A powerful combination of romance, suspense, and adventure...a compelling read."
   —The Oakland Press

by Candice Proctor
September Moon
The Englishwoman... Accepting a job as governess in the wilds of the Australian Outback is the only way Amanda Davenport can earn passage home to her beloved England and away from this rugged, frightening place she hates. Despite her fears, Amanda finds herself gradually drawn to this wild, primitive land as she rediscovers the joys of laughter and love and the irresistible passions of the heart.

The Australian... As he struggles to bring up three irrepressible, motherless children on an isolated station plagued by all the dangers of South Australia in 1865, the last thing Patrick O'Reilly wants is a prudish spinster complicating his life. But it's not too long before he begins to suspect that Miss Davenport is not exactly what she seems.

September Moon...a beacon of hope in a land where spring comes at the end of the year, and it's never too late for a woman to become the person she was meant to be.

"Power and passion are the hallmarks of this extraordinary writer. Candice Proctor's prose envelopes you...brilliant portrayal of the beauty and ruggedness of Australia and the powerful people who survive there."
   —Romantic Times

by Candice Proctor
The Bequest
An unforgettable story of the corruption of innocence and the triumph of determination and love.

Gabrielle Antoine's quest to understand her mysterious past lures her from the gentle warmth of a New Orleans convent to the rough mining town of Central City, where she discovers a heritage of sin and shame, a ruthless, deadly enemy—and a love too powerful to be denied.

A dark and dangerous man as fast with a gun as with a deck of cards, Jordan Hays is haunted by the tragedies of his past and determined never to love again. But he cannot walk away from the promise made to a dying friend, or from the unwanted yet irresistible feelings Gabrielle arouses within him.

The Bequest...a house of sin, a legacy of strength, and an unexpected means to salvation.

"Proctor knows how to create characters that take center stage and incorporate history into their stories with a sure hand...an exciting, strong new voice in the genre."
   —Romantic Times

by Candice Proctor
(out of print)
Night in Eden
Bryony Wentworth's life is shattered when she is convicted of manslaughter and transported to New South Wales in 1808. Sentenced to indentured servitude, she is given to Hayden St. John. A hard, embittered man left with an infant son by the death of his gentle wife, Hayden has little but contempt for the muddy, vermin-ridden convict on whom he must rely. But Bryony is a survivor. As they journey through the outback to Hayden's rugged station, Bryony rediscovers her own strength even as Hayden finds his salvation and rebirth in a love as forbidden and dangerous as the land that surrounds them.

"A refreshing new voice...there is great power in her writing and strong characterization, masterful storytelling, and sensuality."
   —Romantic Times

"Proctor truly touches the heart."
   —The Atlanta Journal—Constitution