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C.S. Harris C.S. Harris C.S. Harris
What Remains of heaven
London 1812. When the controversial reform-minded Bishop of London is found bludgeoned to death in an ancient crypt beside the corpse of an unidentified man murdered decades before, Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, reluctantly agrees to help with the investigation.

To Sebastian's consternation, the last person to see the Bishop alive was Miss Hero Jarvis, a woman whose already strained relationship with St. Cyr has been complicated by a brief, unexpectedly passionate encounter. As his search for the killer leads him from the back allies of Smithfield to the power corridors of Whitehall, Sebastian must confront the well-guarded secrets of his own family's past—and a devastating truth that could ultimately force him to question who—and what—he really is.

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble

New American Library, November 2009 hardcover, 978-0451228024
NAL Trade, August 2010 trade paperback, 978-0451230560
Signet, August 2011 mass market paperback, 978-0451234377




"Anyone who likes Amanda Quick and/or is reading the reissued Heyer novels will love this series."
   —Library Journal

"Who killed the cleric in the crypt? When the 1812 renovations to St. Margaret's, Tanfield Hill, accidentally bash a hole through the sealed entry to its crypt, there are two ghastly surprises. The dead body of Bishop Prescott, staunch abolitionist and leading contender for the soon-to-be-vacated post of Archbishop of Canterbury, lies sprawled across yet another dead body, this one partially mummified with a jeweled, Italianate dagger in its back. Bow Street, recognizing a matter too delicate for its own clumsy hands, calls upon Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin (Where Serpents Sleep, 2008, etc.). Within the compass of a few short weeks the aristocratic sleuth is shot at, horsewhipped, attacked with a meat cleaver, half-drowned and forced to kill three men himself. Undeterred, he accepts the responsibilities of fatherhood that have been impending ever since his reckless night with stubborn feminist Hero Jarvis, whose father had good reason to want Prescott dead; uncovers enough illegitimacies to keep the Town atwitter for generations; suspects both his father and Hero's of treason in aid of the colonies; and finds time to visit a prescient nanny-turned-witch who has secrets to impart about his own parentage. The mystery includes a smattering of political and church intrigue among a welter of family ties so intricate that a scorecard might have helped."

"Sebastian St. Cyr is drawn into another criminal investigation when the archbishop of Canterbury and his aunt Henrietta ask him to investigate the murder of the bishop of London, who was found dead in an ancient crypt, along with the body of a man who had been dead for decades. In addition, St. Cyr must remain watchful as a man he served with in the army is seeking revenge. He also learns that Hero Jarvis, who helped him with a previous case, is pregnant from a liaison the two had when they thought they were going to die before being rescued (Where Serpents Sleep, 2008). St. Cyr's investigation leads him to believe that the two murders are linked, and as he searches for the connections, he discovers a secret from his family's past that holds far-reaching implications. This atmospheric and disturbing story includes vivid descriptions and details of early-nineteenth-century London woven into a plot that includes numerous twists before the mysteries are finally solved."

"Harris weaves palpable period detail and romantic subplots with such ease...her seductive antihero at his swashbuckling best."
   —Publishers Weekly

"From dissolute and disillusioned to insightful and probing, Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, has evolved into a fascinating and effective detective"
   —Romantic Times, Top Pick 4 1/2 stars

"Harris is a master of the genre"
   —Historical Novels Review