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When Falcons Fall

When Falcons Fall

Readers Guide

  1. Hero and Sebastian started as antagonists but are now ardent married lovers. What do you find exciting about Hero and Sebastian's relationship? What do you consider the biggest threats to it?

  2. Sebastian's investigation eventually reveals a great deal about the murder victim, Emma Chance. Sebastian is deeply moved by her life and death. Were you? What about her life made you care about her?

  3. This book has a huge cast of characters with complex relationships. Which character and relationship did you find most interesting, and why?

  4. Sebastian goes to Ayleswick to learn more about his possible relationship to Jamie Knox. Were you surprised by what he learns? Where do you think his search for answers will take him next?

  5. Even though we meet Jenny Dalyrimple after she has been widowed, she remains staunchly loyal to her husband, Alex. What do you think accounts for this loyalty? From what we know of Jenny and Alex's marriage, how does it compare to Hero and Sebastian's?

  6. How do you think Hero challenges the expectations for a woman of her time and class? What is her most admirable quality? Does she have any qualities you don't like as well?

  7. Now that Sebastian is a husband and father, he has to look out for Hero and their son. Yet he often places himself—and his family—in danger by continuing to investigate murders. Do you think he acts irresponsibly in doing so? What does he, or anyone, owe his family, and what does he owe the larger community? What would you be willing to risk to right a wrong?

  8. The seemingly quiet village of Ayleswick guards deeply buried secrets. What image does your community project? Is its outward appearance an accurate reflection of the reality?

  9. If you've read all or most of the books in the series, discuss the changes you've seen in Sebastian since the first book, What Angels Fear. What do you find most satisfying about that long evolution of his character? What about the changes we've seen in the other characters?

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